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We all know that consumers are fond of eco-friendly products; well, biodegradable films are an excellent and sustainable solution for several applications. However, this technology is not always a viable option, is often very expensive and its performances are generally quite weak.

The single-material flexible packaging leading to sustainable innovation

We want to make plastic a sustainable material that effectively contributes to the protection of resources and the improvement of the quality of life

As a matter of fact, flexible packages are made by coupling different films made of different polymeric compounds, each with specific functional features. At the end of the life cycle, since separating the different polymers is impossible, the only viable options are a landfill or incineration.

The cutting-edge alternative is indeed our MONOFILM, an environmental friendly solution that replaces multilayer/multipolymer structures with a multilayer/single-polymer one.

The MONOFILM, therefore, can be effectively recycled and make packaging much more sustainable.

Today, a new “green” option is available: it ensures excellent performances and is a very good solution: single-material packaging.Besides biodegradable and compostable films, we propose this interesting alternative for consumers who care about sustainability. More specifically, single-material packaging is a true revolution in the packaging industry in terms of environmental friendly innovations. As a matter of fact, when a green single-material package reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be sorted and effectively recycled.

Currently, the majority of films used in most applications, from F&B to pharmaceuticals, cannot be recycled.

Main features of


Main features of

Main features of

Main features of

Main features of

100% riciclabile

Pronto all'uso senza laminazione con PET / OPA / OPP

Adatto per la stampa esterna

Adatto per applicazione zip e beccuccio

Ampio differenziale termico tra lato esterno e interno

Elevata rigidità e resistenza meccanica

Buone prestazioni di hot-tack a basse temperature

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